Support Ministries

Circle of Hope

The Circle of Hope group is a support group for those with chronic illness or cancer. We meet once a month from 10 am until 11:30 am in the Gathering Room of the Church. Please join this hope-filled group for time for prayer, discussion, and support. Information is available from Janet Hassan at or ext. 110. Watch the bulletin for our next meeting date.

OLMC Prayer Chain

This ministry offers an opportunity for those who wish to pray for the needs of others and a place for you to request prayers.
Here’s how it works:
Will you be one of our prayer warriors? If so, contact the prayer coordinator at Please leave your name, phone number and email address on the message. Sandra will contact you.
Do you have a prayer request? Leave your prayer request at This will be monitored daily and all requests will be forwarded to our prayer warriors.
This is available in English and Spanish. (Está disponible en inglés y español.)

Visitation Ministry

There are a number of ways to serve in this important outreach: visitation to the homebound, visitation to nursing, retirement or convalescent residences, or hospital visitation.

Visitation to the Homebound helps to bring a little bit of the OLMC faith community to persons who miss coming to Church. The minister spends time with the homebound person and/or family on a regular basis, preferably weekly. Eucharist may be given, prayer offered, or a meal shared. The minister becomes a special friend to the person being visited.

Visitation to Nursing, Retirement and Convalescent Homes provides one-on-one visitation to Catholic residents there. The visits provide an opportunity for the minister to express the love and concern of the olmc Parish Community. Ministers bring Eucharist and offer words of encouragement and prayer to the persons they visit.

Hospital Visitation Ministers visit and offer communion on a daily basis to patients in Riverside Hospital. Other area hospitals are visited upon the request of Our Lady of Mount Carmel parishioners. Hospital Healing Ministers work collaboratively with the resident and staff chaplains to provide pastoral care to all Catholics at Riverside Hospital. At the request of patients in accordance to HIPPA regulations, Healing Ministers may communicate appropriately with OLMC pastoral staff particular needs of individual patients. Such needs or requests may include being placed on the intercessory prayer list, making contact with the person's parish pastor, or sacramental needs for reconciliation and/or anointing.

Volunteers for all Healing Ministries are trained, commissioned and scheduled through the Office of Healing Ministry.

Anyone from the Parish being admitted to the hospital and wishing to be anointed prior to surgery or other treatment should call the parish office. Please try to call at least one week prior to your admission date. When being admitted to a nursing/convalescent home or to a hospital, specify on the admission form that you are Catholic and a member of OLMC. Healing Ministers want to visit you while you are in the hospital. Hospitals do not always notify the parish, so please ask a friend or family member to let the parish know you are in the hospital. If you know of any parishioners who are in the hospital, homebound or in a nursing/convalescent center who are not being visited, please call the parish office and provide the name and address/location.

Respite Care

Through this ministry, caregivers get a sorely needed break. A well-trained adult parishioner comes to your home for a few hours, so that the caregiver can rest, leave to run errands, or in some other way have a time of refreshment. At the same time, the Respite Minister stays with the loved one and keeps him or her safe at no cost to the family. If you, or anyone you know, could be helped by this ministry, please contact Janet Gorman at 818-4545 or Janet Hassan at the Parish Office.

Breathe Respite Ministry

Breathe Special Needs Respite at OLMC seeks to provide a fun, safe, evening out for kids with special needs. Parents will register their children in advance then, drop them off for a night of fun provided by the Breathe volunteers! This gives parents a chance to “breathe” by having a night out.
Volunteers are needed to serve as Buddies, Greeters, Pizza Servers, Games and Activity Leaders and Medical Professionals. Breathe gathers once a month on a Friday evening.
To find out more about Breathe, visit our Breathe Webpage.