Gathered By Grace

What is Gathered By Grace?

Gathered By Grace is an intergenerational gathering that will deepen our understanding of the Catholic faith and challenge us to live our faith more fully. Gathered By Grace is an opportunity to get to know fellow parishioners, and deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ. The concept of lifelong learning invites each of us to continuously grow in our faith by learning and sharing with others in our community.

How does Gathered By Grace work?

We begin with a light meal, then break out into age groups (Adults, High School Youth, Middle School Youth and Children (Nursery, Pre-K & K, and Elementary by grades). Adults, youth and children experience the Word of God and discover Church teachings through the same doctrinal themes.

Who is included in the Gathered By Grace breakout sessions?

Everyone! Households without children, households with children, households with singles, households with teens...Everyone!
Nursery - Children ages 1 - 3 years
Pre-K & Kindergarten - Children ages 4 - 5 years
Elementary - 1st - 5th Grade Children
Middle School - 6th - 8th Grade Youth
High School - 9th - 12th Grade Youth as Small Group Leaders for children

When does Gathered By Grace meet?

Gathered By Grace will meet twice most months, on Sunday mornings following the 10:00 Mass. Stay tuned for our 2018-2019 dates!

How can I register for Gathered By Grace?

Watch the bulletin and this webpage for registration infomation coming soon!

What should I bring?

All materials will be provided at our sessions. Resources for continuing your faith journey at home will be made available.

Why is Gathered By Grace exciting?